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Velvet Messenger Soft Pouch

$ 54.00


Emanuele Bianchi Design Velvet Messenger Soft Pouch Pet Carrier. For smaller companions, Emanule Bianchi Design presents the accommodating and attractive Velvet Soft Pouch.

A wonderful choice for dogs up to 13 pounds. The subtle color choices combinations include: Espresso exterior/Stone interior, Sage exterior/Stone interior or a Stone exterior/Sage interior. Any choice is sure to compliment any pallet.

Inside the Velvet Soft Pouch is a safety leash that snaps on to your friends collar with ease, its locking zip cursors allow to create a customized levels of opening for different size dogs. Once the zips are positioned, they stay locked, so the most comfortable position is available to your companion. This carrier serves as a great addition for bringing your small companion with you everywhere you go.


  • Measures 13" x 6" x 26"
  • Fashionable and comfortable pet carrier bag
  • Locking zip cursors for customized levels of opening
  • Outside pocket useful for treats, leash, phone, keys etc
  • Safety leash prevents your pet from falling out accidentally
  • For pets up to 13 pounds