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Premium Chick-N-Cabin

$ 489.00



  • Dimensions: 48" W x 42.25" D x 37.25" H
  • For up to 4 chickens
  • Superior craftsmanship with tongue-and-groove construction
  • Constructed from top-grade lumber
  • Designed to assemble with only a screwdriver
  • Features 2 removable screened front panels and side-access door
  • Easy cleaning with rear-access clean-up door and removable side panel

The Ware Premium Chick-N-Cabin is like a luxurious hotel for your chickens! Finding the right house is important for your own quality of life, so take the time to find the right home for your chickens, too.

This chicken hutch is constructed from quality materials such as top-grade lumber, and it's coated with a safe non-toxic stain. The shingle roof is waterproof, so it will withstand outdoor conditions. The Chick-N-Cabin also provides easy access with its side-access door, rear-access clean-up door, and two removable screened front panels.

Not only does this make cleaning easy, but it makes handling the chickens easier as well. That's a win-win. Other added features include four removable roosts, lift-out floor panels, and an attachable access ramp. Your chickens have never had it so good.

Assembly is simple - all hardware is included and designed to assemble with only a screwdriver. If you decide to add a universal nest box, it's also easy to attach. The optional Chick-N-Pen also provides expanded living space and a "free-range" environment.