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Motorola Advanced Remote Training System with Push-To-Talk

$ 179.00

The Advanced Remote Training System with Push-To-Talk is Motorola's full featured remote training system offers the most training options of any system available.

And, only Motorola offers clear digital push-to-talk commands straight to your dog's collar. Give your dog praise, issue reprimands or commands to your from 150 yards away. On the side of your Remote Control Unit is a Push-To-Talk key. You can press and hold down on the right-hand side of the Remote Control Unit to convey commands, praises or verbal reprimands to your dog through the collar. From warning tones, positive gentle vibration and a wide range of static levels from a tickle to very firm, you will find the perfect touch to keep your dog safe and well behaved.


  • Range: 250 yards Static Corrections
  • Range: 150 yards Voice Commands
  • Rechargeable Collar Battery
  • Remote Control Unit uses (2) AAA alkaline batteries
  • 3 training modes: warning tone only, gentle vibration and 15 static correction levels
  • Push-To-Talk Command Function
  • Expandable up to 4 dogs with the purchase of additional SCOUTCOLLAR100
  • Collar strap: grey nylon 3/4" wide
  • Owners Manual