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ClearQuest Super Puppy Pads 30 Pads

$ 15.00

learQuest Puppy Pads are specially scented to attract puppies and make house-training easy.

  • Absorb over 100 times their weight in liquid and still stay dry.
  • Disposable pads
  • Neutralizes odors.

Why We Love It:

Train your dogs to go outdoors in for the restroom and keep your home clean by using these easy steps. Place pad in an area that is easily accessible to your dog at all times, but away from its sleeping and eating areas. Introduce dog to pad to allow it to become accustomed to the pad’s special scent. If you don’t catch your dog in the act of making a mistake, do not punish it after the fact. Praise and reward the dog when it eliminates on the pad. When the dog is using the pads properly on a regular basis, move the pads closer to your outside door, eventually moving the pad outdoors and eliminating the inside pads.